Synopsys Bridge Command Line Interface


The Synopsys Bridge Command Line Interface (Synopsys Bridge) allows you to run scans and receive results from the command line, either by scripting or running the commands manually. Synopsys Bridge invokes adapters that handle Coverity and Black Duck scanning, along with abstracting the various extensions and variables for them.

Using the Synopsys Bridge CLI with Polaris

See the following Synopsys Bridge CLI Guide topics for how to use Synopsys Bridge with Polaris:
  1. Using Synopsys Bridge CLI.
  2. Using Synopsys Bridge CLI with Polaris.
  3. Complete list of Synopsys Bridge Arguments.
Note: A coverity.yml configuration file is required for
  • Static analysis of compiled languages like C/C++, C# and Java.
  • Optimizing static analysis when results are unsatisfactory.
See Configuring Coverity Thin Client for use with Synopsys Bridge and Polaris.